Mixed Variety Pack Fudge

SendFudge.com™ delivers over 140 rotating flavors of gourmet fudge!

$42.00 $150.00

Customer must call in to place variety pack order. We will pull fudge from our cut and packaged variety, in stock. Ships same day, when possible.

Order in minimum size of:

1 1/2 (six piece)

3 1/2 lb  (14 pieces)

5 1/2 lb (22 pieces)

Pick from what is in stock when you place your order. We also make custom baskets, packages with our truffles, pretzels, and other confections, that are not pictured on this site.

Picture shows the cut of fudge (weight of pieces are about 1/4 lb each piece, fudge with nuts weigh a little more.)

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