Favorite Fudge Candy Bars

Fudge is popular, so naturally candy manufacturers have long tried to find ways to incorporate it into their products. Whether or not the fudge in these candies can compare to the real thing is soles your opinion. Satisfy your sweet tooth until your SendFudge order arrives!

Oh Henry!

The Oh Henry! bar has a fudge center topped with a layer of peanuts and caramel, all coated in chocolate. It’s been around since 1920, but the origin is debated. According to its maker, the bar is named after a young man who hung around the  inventor’s candy shop flirting with the girls who worked there. They would ask him to do favors, saying, “Oh Henry, will you do this or that?” The shop’s owner heard the girls say this so often that he used the phrase to name his new candy bar.

Cadbury Fudge

The Cadbury Fudge bar, not surprisingly, consists of a fudge center covered in milk chocolate. It’s a British candy bar, so most Americans have probably never heard of it. Some candy shops stock them, though, so keep an eye out for it. Or, if you really want one, just buy it online.

Sky Bar

Necco’s nostalgic Sky Bar is a chocolate bar with four separate sections containing different fillings: caramel, peanut, vanilla, and chocolate fudge. When it was invented in 1938, Necco launched a skywriting campaign to advertise its newest creation. The Sky Bar isn’t as common as it used to be, but you can still find it now and then.


Snickers Fudge

Snickers is one of  the best-selling candy bars in the world. Everyone’s had the original version, introduced in 1930, but there have been lots of variations over the years, including the Snickers Fudge bar. It had a peanut butter nougat layer with a layer of fudge and peanuts on top. This was a limited edition bar and was only available in 2009.  If you find one for sale now, maybe you should start buying your candy at a different store.