Red Bandit Cookie Fudge™™ delivers over 140 rotating flavors of gourmet fudge!


Our Red Bandit Cookie™ Fudge is made from our Ruby Mountain Red Velvet Cake Fudge (as seen on QVC television), a mountain load of cookies and chocolate chips poured into each piece.

    's Cookie Bandit Fudge™ Collection


*The Un-banded Blue Bandit is sold exclusively in our 1 pound pack of fudge below.

Un-banded Blue Bandit Cookie Fudge™  = Vanilla, cookies, chocolate chips

Yellow Bandit Cookie Fudge™ = Lemon Cookies

Red Bandit Cookie Fudge™ = Red Velvet

Green Bandit Cookie Fudge™ = Chocolate Mint

Our Un-banded Blue Bandit Cookie Fudge™ is made with cookies, candied chip cookies, and a taste that removes the flavor mask. Sold exclusively in our 1 LB Cookie Bandits Fudge™ Collection.


PHOTO ILLUSTRATION . . . Product photo coming soon. 

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