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Customer Quotes

Customer Quotes

Customer Quotes

Here at the candy store we have a bowl for customers to leave comments about our fudge and once a month we draw a winner to receive a free box. Some of the comments are pretty good, so I thought I’d share a few of them. People are definitely passionate about fudge!

  • it’s fanfrickentastic!
  • fudgetastic!
  • It is good, different, tasty!
  • David makes the world’s best fudge
  • The absolute best rocky road.
  • freaking good!
  • Wow!! don’t know what to say, maybe amazing!
  • The best anyone could offer :)
  • makes me drool brown…that’s good
  • Awesome (and dangerous)
  • The best I’ve ever had
  • scrumdiddleyum

If there was a contest for the best thing said about fudge, by  anyone, ever, this guy would easily win:

“It is as if God created heaven and decided that it was too good to keep for himself and created man just for the purpose of sharing heaven, but He chose to share it in the form of your fudge.”

Think you can top these customer quotes? Leave a comment with your own fudge-related thoughts (or existential musings on the divine nature of fudge).

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